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You Already Know

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Interprete : 112

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2005

Texte :

You Already Know

Papa comin home, like to give you that raw
your favorite position, is from the back door
girl you know the drill, dont ask no questions
You already know

Tonight's the night girl (yes)
I'm tryna to give you that thing to make you say (yes)
From the kitchen floor down to the fireplace (yes)
Insense burning, your body talkin that shit to me (yes)
Cancel that phone, the only sound i'm tryin to hear is your moan (yes)
You ridin topless, no panties on (yes)
And I've been thinkin bout this all day long
You're giving me the fire..don't

Chorus 2x

Is your girl Jenny home? (yes)
Call her up and tell her its bout to be on (yes)
Tell her don't show if it aint heels and thongs (yes)
I can already see it, ooo what a feeling
Just don't, get jealous if I hit that too hard (yes)
Cuz you come first, you know your my heart (yes)
Cuz it'll always be yours, girl i'm bout to turn you out

Chorus 2x

You know just how I like to see it(You know just how I like to see it)
You know just how I like to beat it...You Already Know
You know I like to go down and eat it (I Love it when you go down and eat it )
And you know I won't stop until you get in
uh-o You Already Know

Chorus 4x

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