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No More

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Interprete : 3LW

Langue : Anglais
Année : 1999

Texte :

I'm getting a little tired of your broken promises promises.
Looking at your pager seeing different numbers and numbers.
Call you on your cell you hangin' with the fellas the fellas.
Hangin' with my girls you always getting jealous n' jealous.
Iwas with you when you didn't have no dollars no dollars.
Hangin' at the crib chillin'wit yo momma yo momma.
Never fronted you never brought the drama the drama.
Now you flipped the script playa please.

No i'm not the one.
Say it again ,say it again oh.
No i'm not the one.
You do or you don't.
You do or you don't don't.
You will or you won't won't.
No more,no more,baby i'ma do right.
You can or you can't can't.
Be a man be a man man.
No more no more,baby i'ma do right.

You treat me like a lady when you open door and doors.
But then you wanna front when you wit your boys your boys.
How you gonna play me when i bought yo clothes yo clothes.
The ones that you be wearin'when you wit yo does yo does.
You know you never thought i would have the nerve the nerve.
To think about it more since you at the curb the curb.
Blowin'up my pager say you want a chance
a chance.
Listen when i say playa please.

(repeat chorus)

I just wanna know.
What happened to our love?
We used to be best friends.
Where did it go wrong?
When ya gonna see how good it is with me.
I'm tired and i'm throught with all your ''listen baby''.

Hey yo you promised me kate spade.
But that was last year boy in eighth grade.
And you ain't biggie baby boy,so no it ain't''one more chance''
When yo friends around you don't wanna hold my hand.
And now you see a girl stilin' and wildin' inside the mix.
Hoppin' at the whips the whips the five and six
Yes fly chrome,so pardon my tone.
Here go a quarter go call Tyrone
(reapeat chorus out)

Poster par : Adrienne

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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