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Give Me

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop

Texte :

Doin' our thing in queens
We had dreams about bein' emcees
And there was no concern about so and so
And these record companies
But now we all are grown
And the spots is gettin' blown
Boyz ii menabcbbd
Nahwe ain't none of themb
Give me
So give me
Norephife dawg and abstract
Give me
To everyone in the world
Norephife dawg and abstract

Yo when I rapall my niggas love abstract
Yofrom far rock to flushingconcussion
Every time a nigga rhyme it's like we get our bus' on
I used to ride a dollar van and really get my bus on
Yofrom south don to el segundo
All my niggas gettin' high yoand still livin' on the run though
Get alot a dough so now we have a lot of fun though
Q-utwo e'sn-s
All we really care about is moneycheba and sex
What what what

Niggas get fadednever outdated
Give it to the world'cause for long they waited
Shorties online to cop the new cd
So hip-hop'll bust nut in graffiti
We could two-piece it or we could just seize it
Shortyyou're my shit'cause my style wild decent
What's it gonna bethe party or the precent?
Queens cats rockkeep it rugged and recent
My nigga nore thug it out (thug it outno doubt)
Phife dawg buggin' out (buggin' outno doubt)
The love movement no doubt (love movementno doubt)
Ali shaheed get a shout (shout it outno doubt)

Yo better thingshold ontake a time out
Huddle upyoqueens niggas won't fuck it up
Keep my southside niggas just palyin' the cut
While my queensbridge people stay roughin' you up
East elmhurstcaronaiatola
Keep the caller I'd on the motorola
Gotta keep the po-po on the payola
Queens niggas shut it downnow it's all over

One nine twothe bully fram lou
Merrick van wig holler shaft got brew
Head up jamacia avecop a tape by dj clue
Move to the acresippin' on a guinney booze
Scoopin' ladies up in babies makes my day complete
Freestylin' over beats for my peoples in the street
This is a place where stars are born
Linden to lawtonwe keep it hot like porn


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