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Money Maker

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop

Texte :

This is the Lone Ranger
If you're one of the fortuante to purchase this
A Tribe Called Quest, The Love Movement album
You are privliged to witness the first in a series of attempts
To rectify music from it's rectulness
Again, this is the Lone Ranger with his first installment
Money Maker

Colder in the winter
And hotter in the summer
Get on up
Get on up
Live your life right when you be corrupt
Volcano about to erupt
Get it up, Get it up, Get it up

Got the motivating joints that keep your ass jumping
Why when a nigga get on, you want something
Yo I got the posinious traps for little rats that fiend
In come the bedroom dream
Kick it at a slow or at a quick tempo
A ladies' disposition won't fuck with the mental
I'm built for conflicts with chicks with issues

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