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Everything's Gonna Be Alright

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Interprete : AALIYAH

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Yo Rodney you ready?
Cause I'm ready
So let's go

Come on, uh whoo!
Check it, check it out
Aaliyah makes it hot
Blackground makes it hot
The R.G. makes it hot
To get up, to get up, and don't stop

[Refrain] :
Everything's gonna be alright
Let's get this on tonight
It's time to get real loose
Do what you wanna do

Baby can we talk about what we came do?
Let's turn this party out
Let me show you what love's about
Come here baby and let me show you how tonight


Now we know what's going on
Just come to me and baby you will see
That I'm not into playing games
You can do this baby
With the L-I-Y-A-H, baby


When I'm with you, you make me smile (baby yes you do)
Stay with me a little while (a little while)
Don't ever go cause tonight is the night
Baby I will do anything you want me to


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