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Old School

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Interprete : AALIYAH

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 0000

Texte :

Here's the old school, with the new school
( repeat 4X)
R. Kelly play me something from the old school
R. Kelly play me something from the old school
R. Kelly play me something from the old school
R. Kelly play me something from the old school
verse 1:
Hey boy, won't you play for me
Right now, give me that old school beat
I wanna hear it here
Groovin' all night long
I gotta let you know you got it goin' on
Play it for me...
verse 2:
Hey boy, let me hear your song
Yeah play till the break of dawn
Keep it right here
Groovin' all night
I gotta let you know that it feels so right
Play it for me...
rap (R Kelly):
Yo, back in the days I used to listen to records
Tryin' to figure out how I could make my own records
Workin' in restaurants, bustin' on dishes
Hopin' that the man upstairs respect my wishes
Cigerette lighters, Ardig wallets, I was sellin' them
'Till I met the B.H and bust down A capella to him
He said you got talent and you're goin' places
I'd heard that line before but what the heck I signed the papers
Ever since that day I drew my head high it was on
And now I'm mixing new music with the old school songs
(chorus till fade...)

Poster par : fleeting

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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