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The Visitors

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Interprete : ABBA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Disco
Année : 1970

Texte :

I hear the door-bell ring
and suddendly
the panic takes me
the sound so
ominously tearing
through the silence
i cannot move
i'm standing
numb and frozen
among the thing
i love so dearly
the books,the paintings
and the furniture
help me
The signal's sounding
once again and
someone tries the door-knob
none of my friends
would be so stupidly
and they don't dare
to come here
anymore now
but how i loved our
secret meetings
we talkedand talkeld
in quiet voices
Now i hear them movings
muffled noises coming
throgh the door
I feel i'm
voices growing louder
irritation building
and i'm close to faiting
they must know by now
i'm in

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