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Beware! Cougar!

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Interprete : ACADEMY IS...

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

When I met you, you were on your back.
We still spend most afternoons like that,
but not for long.
I find myself enjoying you,
but you play these reckless games
you’ll never lose
as long as I’m around.

Do you want to tie me up?
Do you want to tie me down?
Go ahead and do it now.

So far, so good, let it roll, let it ride, ride.
So far, so good, let us fall, let us fight, fight.
It’s no fun on the sidelines.

We both know I’m too young for you,
and when you fake a laugh behind the wheel,
I know where this road is heading to.
With a sunken lie I lay in bed,
but I will live to be twenty-three.
And you’ll see just how clever I can be…

Driving backwards, wasting time.
Young love is ruthless, so learn to fly.
You taught me things I can’t forget.
Positions that I don’t regret.
I can’t walk away, and I can’t shake the taste.

Don’t write a word, cuz I won’t reply.

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