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Don't Let Up

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Interprete : AKON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

[Refrain] :
(Dont Let it Get To You, No Baby)
Girl I Know you're fed up but things gonna get a lot better
(Dont Let it Get To You, No Baby)
Don't wanna see you give up, whatever you do, don't let up

Girl i Know that things are hard now
And you're feeling that you're all alone
Mom & dad's no long 'round now
'Cause now you're grown with kids of your own
Baby dad is nowhere to be found
While you play the role of mom & papi
(Raising them all by yourself)
Always home and can't go out now
Can't remember the last time that you were happy
Whatever you do...


Every man that you meet on the streets
You're looking at him like he's an enemy
(Just give us one more chance)
Girl I know that you can't hurt no more
You've been damaged, can't trust nobody
And I know that you can just move on
If you let your past go with the wind
(And smile more often)
Then you will find that guy that you always wanted
From friend to husband
So girl just know that...


No matter how bad things get
Girl don't let it get to you
I know you're trying to make ends meet
So girl don't let it get to you
You only got one life to live
So don't let it get to you
So go on and make the best of it
Just don't let it get to you


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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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