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Mama Africa (Konvicted)

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Interprete : AKON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2006

Texte :

Intro: So much, so much, yeah, so much
So tell me can you feel it
So much, so much
much, care, so much
Then make that visit
So much, so much, love, so much
Senegal can you feel it
So much, so much,yeah, so much

So much love to share
Pure blackness wantness is so rare
so much love to care
let them no they missing out
(mama africa has) so much love to share
Sweet blackness wantness is be there
so much love to care
let them no they missing out

Sing again
is for all the love and the life took away
don't forget we were bought and trade
ripped from the land and shipped away
is the inspiration we use to survive
have to see it with your own cries
no play add it up and arrive
still you don't know
the land is so gold and green
the place is so fresh and clean
and everyday I water my garden
tell if you feel i deep in your heart and
the space is so cool and nice
visit once guaranteed to visit twice
and if you just believe in the most high
I know you'll be all right


Sing again
That's my favorite place when I need to get away
must forget but we can't forget to pray
flight lands right on the runway
in my homeland and I'm feeling so alive
imagine Africa unite
go on an accept her now it's all right
still you don't know
skin isso dark and brown
she lifts me right off the ground
but no you're not gonna see it on your TV
so yo just listen up and believe me
her trees have the onlycure
her love is so new and pure
act like this and then you can fly by
no I don't have to lie
Mama Africa you got


So much, so much, love so much
so tell me can you feel it
so much, so much care, so much
then make that visit
so much, so much love, so much
senegal now can you feel it
so much, so much yeah, so much
so much love to share
I just can't see how we''re living without it
so much love to care
don't miss; don't miss one moment about it
so much love to share
resist it's bliss though I really doubt it
so much love to care
so much love

Répetition de refrain (chorus)

Poster par : katoosha

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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