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How Come You Don't Call Me

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Interprete : ALICIA KEYS

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

(Alicia Keys talkin' & phone ringing)
All I wanna know baby is
if what we had was good
just come on pick up the phone damn

I..... yeah baby
I keep your picture beside my bed mmmm,
And I still remember everything you said mmmmm oh yeah,
I always thought our love was so right I
guess I was wrong mmmyeah,
Always thought you'll be by my side papa
now you gone.
(And I'm not tryna hear that shit)

All I wanna know baby..
If what we had was good..
How come you don't call me..

Still light the fire on a rainy night
(You didnt think of that did you?)
I still like it better when you holdin' me tight
(You know, yeah)
Everbody said..
Everybody said that we should never part mmmm, no no,
Tell me baby,baby,baby,Why..
Why you wanna go and break my heart?


oh oh
(hmmm tsk, why you playin?)

Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna die..
If you don't call me papa
ooooh you got to try..
Gonna get down on my knees hopin' you please..
Please oh ooooh
Woo won't you call me sometime papa?

(ad lib)
Why on earth can't you just pick-up the phone,
You know I don't like to be alone!

How come you don't call me?
(Why he wanna torture me?)
Call me!
(Lets take this home)


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