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The Everlasting Fall

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Interprete : AMERICAN HI-FI

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

Waking up late, a grey Sunday mourning
Got up on the wrong side, so go back to bed
Newspaper says, it's gonna be raining
At least until Wednesday, but I pay no mind
The wonder of it all
Caught up in the everlasting fall
Watch the years roll by
Counting shooting stars across the sky
You can wait a whole lifetime to figure it out
The best days are the ones we forgot about

I can't complain, it's been such a mild winter
Flip on the TV, those shows that we love
The sun will go down, on a north Tulsa sky line
Over and over, like the day before

We know everything must have an end, we can't pretend
It's so nice of you to stick around

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