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Time To Go

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Langue : Anglais
Année : 2004

Texte :

Finally you saw me
Found out i was seeing someone new
Knew you wouldn't ask me
Cuz u brought this 2 urself


Think its time to go
Since you played me
Thought that you should know
All your lies wont take it anymore
Pack your shit and left it at the door
Oh baby think its time to go

It think about how you treat me
Feeding me your lies you couldnt see
Thought that i would stay true
Instead i left wit someone else


(ohh boy boy Ur fingers at me)
Throw ur fingers at me
(cuz i always knew you'd see)
Always knew you'd see
So i had to make you see was it all worth due to me
And its better off this way (and its all that i can say)
But you no two can play that game

"Angie Martinez"
Do we wanna know
But Im gonna say it
You knew from the door
I was nutin to play wit it
You had my love but you betrayed it so i take it back
Far as another brother
Call him some muthafucker
Was i wit him yea
you were never even there
Talkin bout how hurt u ha but i dont even care
Plans we had to do
man they dead to me
I got a new man who treat me like a kennedy
Yeah he sutin as team we heavy
We a customs Love is lookin like a keem of semies
We fluster talkin bout how you missin Ang
Im disgusted talkin bout how u could kiss my ass man

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