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Interprete : ANNA TSUCHIYA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

There is darkness
I check my habit true
I can't erase it
Believing you'll come back to me
Now it's the notion
Just between you and me

(You got me urging)
No waiting out anymore

I'm in a maze of fears and sorrows
Save me from here
So somebody please
Desire burning out of control

I sacrified my pain
To satisfy my self
Don't wanna lose your love
Instead I deal in lies
Your soul is worth a shoot
To satisfy my soul
I'm calling out your name
Because of you I know I feel insane

To satisfy my self
You're killing of my heart
It's why I give it up
This soul is worth a shot
To satisfy my soul
But never reach again
All I can do
Is always feel my pain

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