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Interprete : ASHANTI

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2002

Texte :

what's the deal wit u & me ?
I know u feel the chemistry
and I can tell wat's on ur mind,
the same thing that's on mine...
bridge: oooh, I feel it comin' on,
the way I feel it baby it just can't be wrong...
oooh, I want u needin' me,
and I'll come runnin' baby that's the way it's good to be...
chorus: when u call, I come, runnin', baby, baby when u call, I'll be right there, baby... (x 2)

tell me do you think of me ?
you is were I wanna be,
cause boy I got u on my brain,
I know u feel the same...

bridge + refrain

oh no baby, I can't stop baby, oh no baby, I can't stop baby, oh no baby, I can't stop baby, oh no baby, I can't stop baby...

bridge + refrain (ad libs)

Poster par : kimousse

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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