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Back It Up

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Interprete : B2K

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

It's 1o'clock in the morning
We in the 745 just rollin
I see some okay chicks over my shoulder
They wanna know
They wanna know
What we doing and where were we doing
Y'all keep questionin
But y 'all not knowing
That we not feeling ya
So keep on moving
We don't want to roll no where with ya'll

[Chorus] :
Girl you need to get up on me (back it up)
Don't leave me here standing lonely (back it up)
I'm just tryna get my groove on (back it up)
Cause we ain't playin, and I ain't playin so baby girl lets do the thang

Now we dancing
Everyone is moving
All the chicks in here shaking derre booties
Throwing it up
The fellas
Are saying Oh Wee
Do this girl know I'm losing control
How she shaking her booty
Got me trippin
And I know I got this one
I'm never slippin
The way she lookin
I know she with it
So grab your coat
And baby lets go


What was the deal
All up on me girl you need to chill
Outta control
Like a car with 3 wheels
I can't be with you
I can't pay your bills
What you doing now
You need to do lessa
I thought I told you
3 feet
No pressure
You ain't getting on where with your hand gestures
Your not finding a dude like me
So God bless ya


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