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Boys For Life

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Interprete : B2K

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2002

Texte :

~J Boog~
Yo why yall had to bring this up man
I mean it ain’t like I forgot but
It’s like I wuddent thinkin’ about it man
But now that I wanna talk about it
U got me all watery in the eyes I kno
But ah it’s all good
I wanna tell yall 3 man
I love yall like yall love me
But if yall kno wut we talkin’ bout
Fizz holla at ya boy

~Lil’ Fizz~
For the first 3 years we wuz on coat fax
No deals no money but everyone had our back
We knew it would happen and that wuz for a fact
Until then we wuz washin’ cars
Visitin’ laundry mats
Scoungin’ up change for a meal at Pizza Guy
No ride to Roscoe's we made our own sunrise
Getting’ sick off Cheetoes skittles and Benekos
Mark yellin’ cuz we eat his last Taqeto
Wishin’ for a bank account with at least 2 zero’s
Playin’ ball all day sharin’ one Gatorade
No dogs of our own so we walked Bear and Jane
Playin’ B-B bridges hoppin’ over gates
Just to go swimmin’
Yeah we wuz bad
Tryna holla at older women, huh man
Times wuz hard u kno we didn’t get to much
But we always had each other
Man that was enough

~Chorus 2x~
We've been through thick and thin
But we still here
No matter what goes down
We are still friends til the end
Ups and downs
Yeah dats a hard-knock life
Yeah its ride or die
Cuz were boys for life
Ya heard

~Lil’ Fizz~
It’s getting’ hard now
Wut are we to do now
Years is passin’
It’s time to make moves now
We got our act together
Faced the bad wheater
Told ourselves it was either now or never
So we grabbed our stuff
And started shoppin’ at lables
Performed demos and did whatever it takes, damn
Every label slammed the door in our face
But we kept our heads up
Until we found the right place
Ya kno

~Chorus 2x~

~Lil’ Fizz~
We found a home it’s on
We in the game now
Chris and Max done made this thing crack now
We workin' with Tommy and Polly and D. Mack now
Took us a while but we got a name now
A platinum album with doe up in the bank now
No more loungin’ around, we businessmen now
Epic helped us and put us in the right gear
Video and radio thanks for the great year
I’m glad the time it took was a struggle
So that when this time came
We’d be grateful and humble
We thank God for making’ all this happen for us
We thank all our fans for havin’ love in us
So c’mon

~Chorus 2x~

~Hook 3x~
I kno that ur watchin’ over me
Thank God that u brought the joy to me
Now B2K has a story
I love yall just like yall love me

~J Boog~
We love u Chris
IMx we love yall
T. Scott we love u
Taz we love u

~Lil' Fizz~
T.U.G, Nida S., TG4, Jhene

I love u Raz and I love u Fizz
And our parents we love yall
Hold on I'ma I'ma
C'mon let's clap

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