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Interprete : B2K

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

This is crazy
Cause lately
The only thing I think about, dream about is
How you left
Why'd you leave me
See I was trippin just for thinking you would wait around
How I'm missing
You baby
How we use to be
How you where always there for me
Your his now
But maybe
If we can talk it out
I can turn it around

Always thought that you would
Be with me only
Now its killing me slow
How I took you for granted
But now I understand I was wrong

[Refrain] :
I was wrong for sleepin
Baby give me one more try
I swear I apologized
I was wrong
And I'm trippin
I'm down on my knees
Come and see about me
I was wrong for sleepin
All I need is one more chance
I just want to do is be your man
I was wrong for trippin
I can't barely breathe
Come and see about me

Can I call you
Like I use too
I just can't walk away
You still got a piece of me
So if its alright
Can I fall through
I need to see your face girl

I just want to talk to
Can we spend sometime
What I gotta do
Cause I can't get you off my mind


Always thought that you would be
With me only
Now its killing me slow


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