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My Dear

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Auteur : simo
Compositeur : achraf.ayoub&simo
Année : 2005

Texte :

yeah .oh yeah come lets fuckoff
comon.yeah comon now fuck up
mouve my dear .look & see how im gonna know what u ll shop from here
go .yeah go go

if u look ito my eyes.u ll see what..... what
&if u touche my bady.u ll fall down what??
baby ithink im joging in ur head none???
oh yeah so icant live without u i feel like im alone
but u never think that somedays ill gone but im fone
oh look now thers nothing else iwant it more just my own
iwould fight for u.&idlike to die for u ........
cuz thers no love like yours & im still gonna hit for yow
and yuck-y for any thing will destroy our relation grow
so plz try to remember why i wouldnt or cant throw
my old princes was throwing out yah so explain that mather fuckah showe
why ya(violaine)u dont know yah im trapped by ur eyes yah
so so what we do yow if u cant live with us this time being yah
slt simo hey ya slt simo how now that
look what im thinking ya im falling love with someone ya
but my prob.. how i can tell her ya
u so what u want benn walking my mind to an easy tune
im always thought that id see u again
he ho plz could i know her name mon ami
yeah boy u can know my (mélanie)but ther s nothing funny oh yes
girls u know its true but im still in simo s crew
so keep back motherfucking on ome like few

yow man oh simo yah you r hot baby
common achraf showoff ur ass
hey even if we forgot ayoub

we r bad boys....we miss morocco ....... yeah adams i see u nigger.... haha haahahahahahah 'vio'

Poster par : simo s crew

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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