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I'm Ok

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Interprete : BEENIE MAN

Langue : Anglais

Texte :

Seanizzle, Oh
A serious ting a gwaan inna Jamaica,
Mi can tell yuh summen? Alrite, good, yeah alrite

After Bounty go a jail,
Mavado crash offa bike,
Me lose mi visa but everyting nice,
Big up di Teacha,
Cause future bright.
Nuh worry bout me caw we,

I'm okay,
Because mi clean every day,
Clarks dem a beat,
Me change three times a day.
Buy out any bar cause mi have money fi pay
Yuh know sey rasta nah stray.
I'm okay...

Fi look a gal mi nuh shy,
Money stock and pile
Straight up to the sky,
Badman serious mi nah tell no lie,
Mi nah tun no guy.
I'm okay, oh,
A couldn't we dem a stop,
Big up di sign mek mi plant up di crop.
All ganja man yuh know a unnu me a chat
Di odda day a me police stop,
Dem sey Beenie Man
Mi hear sey Mavado ride and crash,
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Bounty go a jail but him just come back.Trooper put it pon youchube a your ting dat,
My career dem nah stop.

Go travel go pawn dem ting deh,
Sweet fax dem a plastic we fling weh,
Kartel come mek di Clarks sing weh
Bankrobber and dem ting deh.
Now gal dem a ask
Beenie weh yuh get deh bling deh,
Suit weh mi have one a me check dem ting deh.
Italy mi go fi get dem new Gucci ting deh,
Watch Angel inna di rolex.

A me a di doctor,
A Smokeyvalle mi have mi house,
But mi haffi live like a boxer,
Yuh haffi live inna di garrison in Jamaica,
Don't August Town next to Mona, oh
Standpipe and Papine a di surrounding area,
Di US embassy jus round di corna,
So how dem a worry bout me and visa,
When US a mi next door neighbour,

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