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Who Am I

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Interprete : BEENIE MAN

Langue : Anglais

Texte :

yes nyah cool nuh iyah, who am i, just the girls dem sugar
(alright), hear yah nuh


zim zimma, who got the keys to my bimmer who am i
the girls dem sugar. how can i, make love to a fellow?
in a rush, pass mi the keys to my truck who am i,
the girls dem luck. and i and i will make love to precious

[verse 1]
yu ever buck a gal weh deep like a bucket draw fi yuh needle
an yuh needle can't stitch it draw fi yuh axe
and like a cow yuh all a chop it draw fi yuh pick axe
and like a rung yuh all a dig it is like a riverside
upon di banking yuh tek it is like a bicycle so yuh hold it
and dash it now yuh wash it so yuh crash it
she a tell yuh seh yuh crabbit gal
she a beg yuh and a bawl seh fi stop it
bad man plug in and mi a move off a electric is like a basket ball
she tek time out fi vomit unuh listen to mi style
an unuh listen to mi lyrics a beenie man deh yah a drop it(a seh)


[verse 2]
but anything she wants
i will give it unto she
i can't believe the day mi friend dem tell me
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dat she flee i don't believe it's angry
and i dont' believe it's grief
i don't believe it's susan
or the other girls i breed
the love for me she have
that is the only thing i need
i don't think den right now
just to lose my main squeeze oh guantamena,
yuh a killer gal di way yuh have
mi body under pressure man
see yuh body all a kill mosquito
hold yuh body right just fi know yuh got di power


[verse 3]
i tell myself i don't want nobody else
to ever love me
you are my guiding star,
my shining light
i love you baby
but that day you leave and gone
i know that girls they're going crazy
i know the girls lumpsome all a dem run
come cause di hol a dem want this baby
i told you and i told yuh twice
that i am the girls dem sugar
now the girls dem attack me
and di girls ddem a rush mi
because dem a drive in a bimmer
a di girls dem flovour,
i am no slaver i am the helper
no paper an a girl just watch
yah a want unuh hear yah an listen weh di dj seh

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