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Interprete : BEYONCE , SHAKIRA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : qdfh
Année : 2007

Texte :

Nobody likes to be played(aie)
oh Beyonce Beyonce
oh Shakira Shakira

he said i'm worth it his one desire
i know things about him that you wouldn't wanna read about
he kisse me his one and only
(This) Beautiful liar
tell me how you tolerate the thimgs you just found out about

you'll never know
why are we the ones who suffer
have to let go
he won't be the one to cry

let's not kill the Karma
let's no start a fight
it's not worth the drama
For a beautiful liar
can't we laught about it (hahaha)
it's not worth our time
we can live without him
just a beautiful liar

i just trusted him
but i followed you
i saw you together
i didn't know about you then 'till i saw you with him again
i walked in on your love scene
slow dancing
you stole everything how could you say i did you wrong

we never know
when the pain and heartbreaks over
have to let do
the innocence is gone


Tell me how to forgive you
when it's me who's ashamed
and i wish i could free you
of the hurt and the pain
but the answer is simple
he's the one to blame


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