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Interprete : BEYONCé

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2008

Texte :

I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva (hey)
I’m a a diva I’m a a diva

Na na na diva is Female version of a hustla
Of a hustla (bis)
Of a of a hustla

Stop the track, let me state facts
I told you give me a minute, and
I’ll be right back
Fifty million Round the world and
they said that I couldn’t get it

I done got so sick and filthy with
Benj’s I cant spend

How you gone be talking
You act like I just got up in it
Been the number one diva
in this game for a minute

I know you read the paper,
the one that they call a queen
Every Radio Round the
World know me
Cause that’s where I be


When he pull up, wanna pop my hood up
Bet he better have a six pack, in the cooler
Getting money, divas getting money
if you aint getting money they you
aint got nothing for me

Tell me something (tell me something)
Where you boss at? (where you boss at)

Where my ladies up in here
That like to talk back?
(that like to talk back?)

I wanna see ya ( I wanna her her)
I’d like to meet cha (I’d like to meet cha)
What you said (not to me)
She aint no diva (She aint no diva)

Na na na

Since fifteen in my stilettos
Been strutin in this game
What yo age was the
Question they asked when I
Hit the stage

I’m a diva, best believer her

You see her, she getting paid
She aint callin him to greet her
Don’t need him her bed’s made.

This is a stick up stick up
I need them bags or that money
A stick up stick up
You see them ask where that money

All my ladies get it up
I see you I do the same
Take it to another
Level, no passengers on my plane


This is a stick up stick up

Na na na
I’m a a diva
I’m a I’m a a diva (14 x)
I’m a I’m a diva

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