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Turn The Page

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Langue : Anglais

Texte :

We're here to praise your name,
Blazing sun
And a bitter death
You're a guardian
Cross the gate

Wake up it is a new dawning
Wake up the witches wait
For you
Remember the mirror
When she looked in
You were born in the void
In the middle of none
There was nobody else
There was nothing at all
Well sons and daughters
Joy's in the air
The horned one dies

Turn the wheel again
A new beginning
Another end
Dried out the land needs blood
Inside the ring we're waiting
Give up yourself
Enter life

It's set out for you
Come turn the wheel
There is nothing to fear
Come turn the wheel
Come turn the page
Come turn the page

We do not believe in lies
Do not believe in lies
There is someone coming
There is someone coming
We hear a voice
From underworld
Now everything should move
When a new day begins

God of wind and god of rain
Turn the wheel
Oh you would better be aware
The mermaids
They will sing for you
The nymphs will bless the child

Reunite them
Sacrifice him

We will be with you until the end
Come move our hearts
We know
There is light beyond the dark

Dried out we cry for blood
Conquer your fear and join us
Come join us now
Time is right

It's set out for you...

A new beginning
Another end
The myth of life
You hold in your hand
We cry out
The land needs blood
The change of season
Praise to the newborn king

It's set out for you...

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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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