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Interprete : BLUE

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2005

Texte :

i think you're bout it bout it
no man could ever doubt it
you're looking so delicious
could this be the night that we uuuh
get closer just a littel
take it up another level
look it just plain and simple
could this be the night that we uuuuh
don't fight it ,can hide it let's ride this
it just feels so right
you got the perfeet body
love the way you're shoking it fom me
ca we take it upstairs from the lobby
i don't see nothing in
you and me bubblin'
how do we get started
how do we get private
once we get inside
it's gonna be troublin'
you and me bubblin'
anthony: why no we get this poppin'
top floor withe no disturbing
room service in the mornning
this will be the night that we uuuh (all)
elevotor's waiting open
don't you think it's time we go in
can't keep the penthouse waiting
thise will be the night that we uuuuh(all)
clock's tickin time's wasting
and you're amazing
this just feels so right

simon (x2)
got a body like wooh
why you waiting over there let's rool
take all the way to the top floor
and let's get bubblin' girl bubblin girl

ooh ,howoo woo ,howoo woo ,woowoo,woowoo
wanna get bubblin' girl?
penthouse is waiting

Poster par : mariam

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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