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Langue : Anglais
Compositeur : Tim & Bob
Année : 2006

Texte :

Couplet 1
Sorry that I've been so off and on
One day I'm feelin you, the next day I don't know
The reason is, that Ive been hurt before,
and now Im insecure, I dont wanna feel it no more
But still.....

I really need someone that I can call my own
That loves me just for me, Im tired of being alone
Could you be that someone, That i can call my own
that loves me just for me, Im tired of being alone

Couplet 2
I dont call you like i should, and its taking me awhile,
to open up to you
But when i look in the mirror im just not the same
and baby you are not to blame,
Im just being careful with my heart

Pont 1
I need girl with a sensitive body
Is it you?
I need a girl thats exclusively for me
Hopefully its you....

Refrain x2

Pont 2
If you just hold on,
I need you to stay strong
just a little longer.... im tired of being alone
Im a little out of a character, this aint really me
wait and youll see, just hang in there with me.....

Refrain x3

Répétition du Pont 1

Refrain et c'est la fin

Poster par : Biboü

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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