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Like You

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Interprete : BOW WOW , CIARA

Langue : Anglais
Auteur : Bow wow
Compositeur : J.dupri
Année : 2005

Texte :

I ain't never had nobody
show me all the things that you done showed me
and the special i feel when you hold me
we gonna always be together baby
that's what you told me,and i believe it
cause' i ain't never had nobody do me like you

now i done been with different kind of girls
i done seen em' all,but ain't none of em,at all like you
and i done seen the best of the best
baby,still i ain't impressed,cause ain't none of em' like you
if you know how i feel when i chill
if i'm seen with a girl,then she gotta be just lke you
and baby that's the way i feel
and i got no choice,but for me to keep it real

cause' when we first got together,started hangin' out
you was,skeptical at first,had to figure out if
a was the kinda guy to try to dog you out
i ain't taht kind of guy you try to make me out
you found out when turned to my baby
i let you drive when i ride the mercedes
and i ain't trippin or actin' shady
cause baby,you know

and every time i think about you i,
when you ride,when you call,when you come up
your love is amazing to me
i can't wait till' see ya'
i wanna be with you again
and everytime you out on the road,i'll make a trip
and whenever i'm doin' a show,don't you forget
taht i'm your main chic
who got that game chic
one in the same chic

okay, hit the mall,pop tags,spend a few g's
hit the runway to a new season
it ain't nuthin to spoil the one i care for
feel like i ain't doin' enough that's when i share more
i give you this,give you that,what you love
you know i got, holla' at me if you need love
and affection, cause i'll be your protection
kinda hard job,but i do it to perfection
and you can tell that ain't i tryin' to let you go
i get with you when i can
so tha's how i let you know
and you be trippin' cause' sometimes i got to go
but you yhe first one i holla to right after my shows
and i was trippin' in sence, i was tense,
for body loose around you
but i'm gonna do without you
i got to get it together, say whatever
but sence i met you, my life seems so better

(chorus 2)

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