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Bow Wow (That's My Name)

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Interprete : BOW WOW

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Uh, say
Uh, uh, say (My name is)
Say, bow wow wow
Uh, uh, bow wow (Yeah)
Uh, uh, Snoop Dogg (Bow wow)
Yeah, uh, my name is,

Lil' Bow Wow
Hair nappy but I'm happy pocket full of dough
From the C-O representin' So So
The girls recognize and these niggas do too
I'm the flyest thing walkin' through junior high school
So make room next to your little backstreet poster
'Cause Bow Wow's here and it's over! Ya Heard!
I'm this, I'm that, I'm all of the above
In a big body shotgun ridin on dub's
I've been seen with the baddest, heard with the best
And I got it locked down from the East to the West
Look at my eyes, ya know; I ain't playin'
That's why all through the streets
All I hear {niggas} sayin' is

{Refrain: x2 (Lil' Bow Wow)}
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Where my dogs at? Bark with me now
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
And all my girls around the way that love how it's going down say

Lil' Bow Wow
Now that the gates wide open
It is I who they runnin' from
Little with the ill, cross over like
Iverson in 2k my way and I'm the first to rock
First to rock ice in the bezel of a G-Shock
Like B.I.G. and Pac, I'm hard to forget
What makes it even worse, I'm just getting started
Yeah that's me; that's got your daughter in a frenzy
Yeah that's me; that's got her arguing with her friends about
Who? Gone, gimme when they see me
Sayin', "Do you?" See him, "Ooh he the man!"
Thirteen, game lock, don't trick
All that and a bag of chips; Hi! My name is,

{au Refrain, x2}

Snoop Dogg
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Woof mother{fucker} the Dogg came to play
Calgon Calgon, take me away
I'm in the dirty dirty with my nephew J
Dizzy, izzy, boy we getting busy
With Lil' Bow Wizzy, this shit is off the heezy
I threw him like a Frisbee
And, "Yeah, he came back."
Like uh, boomerang, Dogg Pound game
Hundred thousand dollar chains
What'chu say J.D.? (J.D.: Bling, bling, money ain't a thang!)
Ya ask me again and Imma tell you the same
I'm flippin' on these {niggas}
While I'm trippin' on these {niggas} (trippin')
Buck one, buck two, buck three, buck four
You standin' on the wall, {nigga} bust a (bus)
But you can't trust her, it's good game
And all my {niggas} represent yo bang
Put it up, now click clack it up
And all the {niggas}, bag it up
Cause I wanna smack it up
We do it to ya Doggystyle (Doggystyle)
Big Bow Wow in yo' mouth, bow wow!

{au Refrain, x4}

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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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