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Fresh Azimiz (paroles Donné Avc Cd)

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Interprete : BOW WOW

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Auteur : bow wow
Compositeur : j-dupri
Année : 2005

Texte :

When I was eight I was rhyming
In our back yard game playing
Watching Snoop anxiously awating
For my chance man
Hot and cocky wit it
Cause I know that I am man
I'm goning down in history
Like american bandstand
I stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope man
I stay on the top cause I coming wit dope man
You steady watching stealing but there ain't no dope man
You dealing wit something bigger than the U S O man
There ain't no joking
Fresh like fat laces and dukie ropes an
I keep on smokin
Young but I'm ready so that means I'm strokin
You pet now a days girl the dog is pokin
Addicted to it JD say I got it bad
18 nigga makin more than your dad see
They think there doing it but im a out do em
If know somebody like that pull up and say to em

You ain't ride you ain't ride
You ain't pumpin like I'm pumpin
You ain't sayin nothin homie
You ain't az fresh az im iz
You ain't got you ain't got
You keep it thugin like I keep it thugin
Little buddy you ain't az fresh az im it
You ain't big big whiping
You ain't steady tip tiping
No girl getting homie you
Ain't az fresh az im iz
You think you iz you think you iz
Fresh an fresh an
You keep it crunk like me but you can't

*VERSE 2 *
Now every record I make
I'm tryin to get up out the store man
Every car I drive
I'm trying to have you saying whoa man
4th album come back power like rogaine
Records say columbia but I'm so so man
I stay on my grind rakein in that dough man
From records to movies now a tv show man
Anything give it to me I'm gonna rep man
Big house big cars what you expect man
Just to get a glimpse girls breakin they neck man
Blinded by the light glistening off the bret lane
Bow hot as ever I ain't lost no step
Stright t shirt sneakers Iain't tryin to go prep
Like these little r&b groups that need my help
Wish they had my style wish they had my rep
But oh no and if I had been like me man
If you can't understand this is what I'm stayin


I got a spot in Mia to get away from the cold weatha
Talk around town az if I'm with Ciara
Bow fall off nigga that'll be never
I'm rich yeah I'm rich Ican do whatever
I get a kick out shut suckas down in the parkin lot
especially when they try and stunt thinkin they hot
Holla out the window talkin loud like they runnin my block
That's when I come through come through and all that stops
Their ain't another youngin keep it fresh like this man
Every year same time come with the hits man
Try to make your girl fall out with a kiss man
Listenin to your stuck music like quicksand
Older people say that little young dude sick man
Young a I and we crew thick man
Diference between me and you is you be bricklayin and i ain't never ever dug that before no


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