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Interprete : BRANDY

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2004

Texte :


Whatever you want,I got it papi Don't hesitate,holla at me what I'm lookin'for is simple,you see Love and support and sexuality When I'm with you I don't wanna leave Ineed you,justlike the air I breathe But when I'm not with you I'm missing my peace I got a lot inside, I need to release

You fulfill my every desire When I'l with you You take me higher

You're my afrodisiac,You're the only one I'm needin',When I got I'll come back,'cause there is no way I'm leavin'

There in no way you are gettin'away Ineed your love every day Medicine can't cure the way that I feel What I need is my inner fill being without you ,I need to chill Something this strong gotta be real Nothing or no one show my skills

You fulfill my every desire When I'm with you You take me higher


I admit that I'm a prisoner Of your sex appeal (sex appeal) I can't seem to find a way To escape how I feel(how I feel)I can't wait no longer Please come,give a dose to me(dose to me)Breathin's gettin' stronger Need you now close to me

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