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Interprete : BRANDY

Langue : Anglais
Auteur : brandy
Compositeur : brandy
Année : 2001

Texte :

nobody knows the pain i feel,nobody knows but it's 4 real,i can feel it(yea yea)i do,oh oh nobody knows that i miss u nobody knows but it's the truth ,i can feel it(yea yea)i do...
you cannot pretend that i don't even matter you and i know better you've been away from me for too long it's time for you to come on home;no one can say what is right 4 me they don't have to leave my life i need for you to come on over
i'll be waitin'
i am nothin(without you baby)
nothing(it's drivin' me crazy)
nothin no one i'm so alone

no one can see inside of me oh
no one can see how much i care i need you i do
nobody sees the tears i've cried no one is there to dry my eyes i need you


i don't care what they say about you they don't know how i feel 4 u i don't care of what they say about me they don't know and they can't see


need u in my life now *2
don't u leave me baby baby don't you leave me never leave me never leave me...

Poster par : faridah et cenaida

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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