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Top Of The World

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Interprete : BRANDY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Some people say that I am not the same girl
They say I think that I am in my own world
What makes them think that I have changed
A little dough cannot erase my problems
Me like you I have to try to solve them
Yes everything is quite the same

I'm just tryin' to be me
Doing what I got to do
Some people think that I'm
Just sittin' on top of the world
I'm just tryin' to be me
Proving what I've got to prove
Some people think that I'm
Just sittin'on top of the world

I wonder why it's often said
That my life's a fairy tale and
Everything is so right
I wish that you could know the truth
My life is real, so please don't get it twisted
Problems the same and got to be dealt with
These are the things I wish you knew

Always in someone's eye, so many questions why
How is it to be down with me, with me
Afraid to express myself always me and someone else
I need to be free but it's not easy

Don't understand why people
Think I don't have friends
Who knew me back when
This was my dream nothing has changed
I still do the same things

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