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U Don't Know Me

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Interprete : BRANDY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

How could you lie to me
After all we've been through
It's just so sad to see me in love with you
I gave you all of me
But still it wasn't enough for you
Is this how love's supposed to be
Now I'm tryin' to get over you

You ain't missin' me at all
Won't pick up the phone and call
You don't love me
Like you used to
Tell me what is going on
You got me standin' here alone
You don't know me
Like you used to

Remember what you said
When you stepped up on the scene
You got into my head
Had me stressin' like a feen
No I just can't forget
How you put that thing on me
I wish we'd never met
This way I won't be lonely


You don't know me
Know me like you used to
You don't know me


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