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Interprete : CASSIDY , R.KELLY

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2004

Texte :

Ladies and gentleman,you are listening to the sounds of swiss beats.
We got Cassidy in here.Kels!We in our throwbacks.
This is for the ladies,we got room keys.

Girl you wanna come to my hotel,baby I will leave you my room key.
I'm feelin' the way you carry yourself girl.
And I wanna get with you 'cause you're a cutie.
So if you wanna come to my hotel,all you gotta do is holler at me.
'cause we're having an after party,checkin' out six in the morning.

I'm staying in the hotel,not the motel or the holi_day inn.
If that girl don't participate,well then I'ma take her friend.
Well if,mami is with it then,mami can give it then,mami a rider,I'ma,slide up beside her.
I got a suite,you can keep on through,Iknow you're tryin' to get your freak on too.
I'll do it all for that,yeah I ball for that,hit the mall for that,keep it fly for them
keep my eye on them,hot tub for them
pop bub' for them,I got love for ma,yeah


We're the new Car-tel
R.Kel with the kid Cass-idy
girl if your man start acting up
ask for him or ask for me
'cause see,we could go get it crackin
but you know what'll happen,we be under the covers
making love to each other.I got a double bed
one's to sleep on,other one's to get my freak on
it's all for them.Yeah I ball for that
hit the mall for that,keep it fly for them
keep my eye on them,hot tub for them
pop bub' for them,I got love for ma,yeah


we goin' Chi-Town steppin' out,to the club lettin' out
and we gon' sex it out,'til we all checkin' out
I got my chicks I'ma bring to the tele
we 'bout to do the damn thing,sing to them Kelly

It's alright (it's alright)
if you wanna come with me,and fulfill your fantasy
Baby in my hotel suite.And it's okay
if you wanna party night 'til day
I will do anything you say,just come to my hotel


Call out:
You've just heard,a classic,featuring the one and only,
Kels,Cassidy,Swiss beats the monster(yes I am)
Full service the label,Rock***the family,
Ruff Ryders the family,This one's for the ladies ya'll
the baby,believe it!Get your hands up

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