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Interprete : CASSIDY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Année : 2005

Texte :


[Chorus: Swizz Beatz + (Cassidy)]
Do my ladies run this motherfucker
(smoke sumthin tonight, drink sumthin tonight)
Do my thugs run this motherfucker
(who fuckin tonight, you fuckin tonight)
Some body say YEA {sumbody say yea}
Some body say YEA {sumbody say yea}

[Verse 1]
Whoa my flow to dangerous
so y'all might as well hang it up (yup yup)
Cause ill flip it and change it up
wit the slang, swich the language up, guess what
I left wit this chi-di-dik
She waz thi-di-dik
Got my freak on and got my john li-di-dikd
All in the ri-di-dib
The bra sti-di-dip
Took her thong off and put gloss on her li-di-dips
She on the ji-di-dob
I'm gettin sli-di-dopd
Bout to bang out, gettin mouth, tryin to dri-di-dive
I'm like hold up wait a minute
therse no rush I'ma get way up in it
We goin to ya cri-di-dib
Ta do it bi-di-dig
And I'ma hit like I just did a vi-di-did
Den have fi-di-dun
Whicha ti-di-doung
After I ki-di-done
I'm out swiss we'r di-done


[Verse 2]
Whoa my flow to dangerous
so y'all might as well hang it up (yup yup)
Cause ill flip it and change it up
wit the slang, swich the language up
I'm a v-i-issue
Play the strip on my gri-i-issle
I stay wit the p-i-istole on my hip
And I stay wit a clip full of me-i-issles
Gray wrist braclet full of cre-i-istles
I'll leave you cre-i-ipled
Cause I b shootin the tech like when the reff blow the whe-i-istle
But ill do some B I wichu
If you b blowin your nose and I ain't talkin bout wit t-i-issue
My weed green like a p-i-ickle
Hop off the G4, hop in the G ni-i-ickle
Had to throw 24's on the v-i-ichle
And my smile get a broad's hard ne-i-iples


[Verse 3]
Now you kno I'm a laidies man (na'm-talkn-bout)
May-bop mercades man (na'm-talkn-bout)
My watch cost 80 grand (na'm-talkn-bout)
I'm gettin dat gravy man (na'm-talkn-bout)
Yea I used to sling on the strip (na'm-talkn-bout)
Me, singbing and the click (na'm-talkn-bout)
Now the whole world's sayin my shhh.. (na'm-talkn-bout)
I deserve ey'thing that I get (na'm-talkn-bout)
And you could be a rider but stay in you lane
Cause word to my 5 I ain't playin no games
If its drama den I'm sprayin dem thangs (na'm-talkn-bout)
Cats cant stop sayin my name (na'm-talkn-bout)
Cause I'm hot right now (na'm-talkn-bout)
I can't be stopped right now (na'm-talkn-bout)
Look at the charts I'm on top right now (na'm-talkn-bout)
The kid got it on lock right now (na'm-talkn-bout)


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