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Black Man

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Interprete : CECILE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Dancehall
Année : 0000

Texte :

From you know you love punany
Flash up di lighter dem mek mi eyes it
From oonu de bout you know di dance irie
Push up yuh hand ina di air mek mi see
From you smoke up di kiki
have di right stuff fi mek you gal horny
Can wuk round di clock tilla morning
Push up yuh hand ina di air mek me see
Verse 1:
Oh lord mi love up di man dem straight from mi heart
Could neva lef you out, mi and oona nah go wrath
You mek mi wear tight blouse, wear mi skirt too short
A dem de kinda sitten oonu cause so mi cant
Go no other way any day and mi nah
Dis di black man none a tall you mussi mad
Any tine mi ant oonu have and dats all we need


Verse 2:
Mi love how oonu walk, love how oonu dress
Rude bwoy , thuggy thuggy oonu a di best
Don't ever change cause a dem de kinda flex
Bad girls love di best, anyway
Love up di way oonu handle di ride
Ina bedroom bad gal haffi cry
Dont change di speed, bwoy dont change di style
a dem de sitten bad gal like


Verse 3:
So gwane drink up yuh ginsing, black man rise up
Power a di earth every time you arrive up
Nah mek no other guy tell you say you time up, nono
So gwane drink up yuh roots and ting
Creme a de crop black man yuh a di king
Done know you control every little thing
Me men every word whe mi a sing


Poster par : nitro

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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