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Peepin' Me

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

I can tell by the way that you peepin me
That you havin some thoughts about freakin me
But if you walk up and just speak to me
And tell me what you like we'll hook up tonight yeah
I can tell by the way that you peepin me
That you haven't been satisfied recently
Haven't been wit a p.i.m.p. like me
But if thats what you like your in luck tonight yeah

[Verse 1]
yeah black dickies, black vehicle, pull up on black dubs
Durin that party im in the block pullin them freaks for afta
Nothing gets a broad looser than a stack of cash does
So them rims bigger than dubs let me see how they math was
Count them inches
They peepin as the truck get suspended
Fellin spended
Got a stack and im gone use it till its ended
Ima spend it on the bottle after I get bartended
Ima walk up and choose you hope ypur friends don't get affended
Ima playa
I don't dance what I gotta dance for
I just pick hoes from the bar
And take em off the dance floor
Wit a chick in the club posted up in the back of
That club got a girl but i'm actin like a bachlor
Snach her
Can't tell me that she ain't ready for the part
Lights, camra, action act like she ain't never seen a star
Seen the corner of your eye looking this way at the bar
Slip you out of them cuffs cuz yo nigga ain't on his job


[Verse 2]
In the club you backin it up im lovin what i see and a
Doin it like its yo b-day
Hopein you can back it up me way
Tellin me patna give a 100 dollars to the d.j.
So he can play that song again I see the instant replay
I can tell that you lovein all the attention
Of the boys thats trying to snatch ya
Hopin that they just keep attendin
Cuz you know who you really consintratin on gettin
Yeah you know Koopa is that playa that keep it pimpin
I turned to look ova at you frequently
And i noticed that your still peepin me peepin me
I know your ready I know your ready
I wanna roll wit a playa lets go
I turned to look ova at you frequently
And I noticed that your still peepin me peepin me
I know your ready I know your ready
I wanna roll wit a playa lets go


[Verse 3]
I can see the look in your eyes baby you wantin it bad huh
Wonderin if its gonna be right and wonderin what i have for
I got that cron I got that henn I got somethin for that buzz
Milk does the body good but not as good as that huh
Now that was i got you feelin ready and ready on that move
But before you approach me a nigga already approachin you
Walkin like she know shes cruel
While i'm picturein you in the nude
Ima tell her the motions cleava its whateva you want to do
I can tell by the way you been peepin
Trtin to visit me on the weekend
Trying to have that bed sqeekin sqeekin
yeah even a couple of friends drinkin
Thinkin bout gettin even
Wit a man that been cheatin
So I sweep em right off thier toes
Like a set of voes
Never seen a old school vehicle wit wetta doors
She asked is she could leave wit me and I should let her go
Man I'm just too much of a playa to refuse and tell her no


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