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Choppa Style

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Interprete : CHOPPA , MASTER P

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Année : 2002

Texte :

Come On, Come On, Come On [6x]
OUH!!! OH Yeah [3x]
Who they want?
Choppa Style, choppa, choppa, choppa style
Choppa Style, (choppa, choppa, C Walk) [3x]

I don't mean to sound rude baby hurts with nothing I want a slim fine woman that's working with
some twerking with some baby got hurt with nothing if you a slim fine woman that means you
working with some I want a big fine woman with some bob to her she ain't got a lot but titties
bob with her now I came her to get it buck so you hoes shake down if you wanna wobble, wobble
back it up toot it up don't stop what you bend that ass over now pop it like it's hot put your
head between your legs touch your toes bounce your booty up and down oh girl there you go what
you walk like a model if you an indepentdent woman baby I'm holla you get your hair fix nice
with your clothes tight you wanna shake it like a dawg and do it all night all night now assume
the position and get it right put ya hands in the air want you make your titties fight?

I'm Choppa Style, you know what about it?
I want to see you, turn around and stick your booty out , your booty out


If you a ...

Hold on Choppa you hold it down for the independent women but what about those independent
niggas? The ones hold it down on the blocks ride dub deuces?

Show what you got? Ya heard me
Alright!! If you an independent woman holla OUHH!
If you hate ya baby daddy holla OUHH!
If you keep ya hair fixed (holla OUHH! [3x])

If you an independent nigga holla OH YEAH!!!
If you ride on dubs OH YEAH!!!
If you hate ya baby mama (holla OH YEAH!!!)

Now what you walk t wit, walk t wit it [4x]
Now what you shake t wit, shake t wit it [4x]

Now we got a brand new dance and it just want stop put ya hand to the sky and do the Choppa Rock

It goes Choppa, Rock, Rock ,Rock, Choppa, Rock, Rock, Rock, Choppa, Rock , Rock , Rock, Ya Ready

West Bank Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
ATL Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
Houston Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
Miami Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
Chi-Town Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
Detroit Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
Mississippi Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)
New Orleans Where you at can I get a hand clap (clapping)


Where your head when you want it from the back toot, toot that ass up she like that
Where my niggas go at when you hit form the back smack, smack that ass she like it that

Now want you wobble, wobble (Move It)
Show me how you (Do That)
Girl you a (Boo Yeah)
Make me holla (Oh Yeah [3x])

Girl want you wobble for me want you back it up for me
What you wobble for me cause you know what Choppa want OUHH!!

Poster par : Baby Gyal -05-

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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