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Gonna Be My Girl

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Interprete : CHRIS BROWN

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2005

Texte :

Chris Brown Gonna Be My Girl Lyrics
But it's somethin I gotta tell ya,
oh yeah oh yeah it got to do with love,
and I just need you to sit back and listen,
while I sing this song to you

1st verse:
I'ts like the hardest thing for me to say,
without crackin a smile,
it's somethin that we both really feel inside,
but never talked about,
they call it love oh yes they do,
a dangerous thing when you're caught in the game,
so girl I feel you when you get emotional,
and don't wanna let me go,
ha but it's somethin I gotta tell ya

Don't mean to cut you off but the question is,
(so when you gon be my girl),
when you gon be my girl I wanna know,
(when it comes to love) why,
(you change the subject),
(girl you know that I'm the man),
I'm the man you want oh yes I am,
girl what's really good wit ya,
(so when you gon be my girl) when you gon be my girl,
(all this playin around is gettin old now),
so baby tell me where I stand

2nd verse:
you prolly sayin to yourself this brotha trippin,
but this stuff is real (but aint too many felt love),
(so have the nerve to step up),
(and tell that lady wassup),
to let her know he's really pressed,
now gettin straight to the bottom line,
you're the type of kinda girl,
a gangsta needs by his side,
so when you get emotional,
I won't let you go,
it's somethin I gotta tell you


I dont mean to be rude but I gotta know

(chorus out)

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