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Head Of My Class

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Interprete : CHRIS BROWN

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

O, O,Now lets get down on the floor im running through all these girlys hair like a comb they always want to roll with a fella at the show. snap a cameraphone , hold on let me pose....cheese! That im gettin swag out wit it. this top dog dont chase go get, only bread. can nobody can stop me from pullin up in of my maseratie at my junior prom.

O,O,O, im a head of my class, o o o i know you heard what i said o o o i dont need a hallpass, o o o im hit the gas,o o o im a head of my class, head of my class, head of my class.

now scooter smiff went up the hill, he rolled back down wit a interscope deal. just got my check now im about to hit the mall. put my shades on let me show you how to ball. catch me at the spot they all go nuts, they say im cocky im like SO WHAT! My chain all rocky and all iced up im made like a rocky im about them bucks.


Chris Brown:

Yah boy nineteen drive a somthing european form head to toe im stacked im rockin bejean. anytime im bens through anytime i breeze through any hallway get Scooter out the classroom. Teacher lookin fine i think i might holla. Scooter getting straight A's when i hit her wit my dollars. chimmichoes or them prada they coming all sets im a be the teachers pet when she see whats on my neck like......o,o,o


Crusing down the street in my go kart pulled to the side to stop at the park. Hopped put the wipe to get to school while this fly little thing was lookin cute. I shot my game at her and what do you know? My mom sent to the phone i got to go. So i gave her the eye so she knew the buisness and before i rode off she slid me them digits.


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