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''Yo (excuse Me Miss)''

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Interprete : CHRIS BROWN

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2005

Texte :

whoa whoa,do do do do do,yeah yeah

[verse 1:]
Yo,tell me fellas have you seen her ?(seen her)
it was about five minutes ago
when i seen the hottest chick
that young'n never seen before

I said Yo,
tell her girls i want to meet her(meet her)
on a second thought that ain't the way to go
i got give her game proper
spit it so she'll get it
there she is i got to stop her

Or should i talk about her smile?(it's been said before)
Or what about her style?(too obvious)
I'm out of time,she's out the door
i got to go for mine,I think i'll say

I dont know your name but excuse me miss
I saw you from across the room
and i got to admit that you got my attention
you're making me want to say yo

I know that you're trying to leave but excuse me miss
I save the last dance for you
how i love to keep you here with me oh baby

[verse 2:]
Now shorty grab hold of my hand
and let's pretend the floor is ours
you say you dont really dance

Dont worry about it,
we'll just 1,2 step, 1,2 step

Now if the music is moving to fast
grab my hand a little tighter
don't be afraid to move a little closer
Girl,there is something about you that makes me want to say

[chorus 2x:]

i want to be where you are
ain't nothing wrong with dancing
baby you're so romantic
baby i can be in your heart
so many things i want to tell you
i think that i should start by saying yo


Now everybody just clap your hands like this(like this)
just clap your hands like this(whoo like this)
and if your shorty in the house tonight
just grab her by the hand homie
make her understand yall was made to dance like this(like this)
yall was made to bounce like this(whoa like this)
just let her know she was made for you.
and you want to do everything she want to man



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