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Get On The Dance Floor

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Interprete : CIARA , LIL JON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : crunk 
Auteur : Ciara Harris & Jonathan Smith
Compositeur : jonathan Smith
Année : 2003

Texte :

[Lil Jon]
Let's go!
Right about now
We need all the ladies to report to the dance floor
Now I only got one thing to say
If you didn't come to party, then you can get the hell out of here

[Ciara: chorus]
I'ma dirty dance for ya, I'ma shake my ass for ya
I'ma drop my pants when you get up on da dance floor
I'ma dirty dance on ya, when I get my hands on ya
Shawdy, I can prance when you get up on da dance floor

Oh, I turn you on showin' you my thong
You can't believe all this ass is me
Know what you savor, thirty-one flavors
I'm gonna shake and turn out this party, oooooh
Now we got ourselves a party, oooooh
So come on now everybody
We're dirty dancing, fuck that romancin'
Come hit the dance floor, it's ready with me
All my ladies, if you got a big butt go head throw yo hands up
All my ladies, if you don't give a fuck and you're ready to cut
And say

[Ciara: chorus]

I'm gonna turn you out, you come drop your mouth
I'm sending this ass on a shakin' spree
You wanna touch it, might let you rub it
Like you can hang with a freak like me, oooooh
Now it's time to light the candles, oooooh
And the powers I enbrake up
Everyone's sippin', nobody's trippin'
Everyone's dirty dancin' with me


[Lil Jon]
Yeah, okay ladies it's time to take this thing to another level
I need for you to look around in the club, look for a thug
We're gonna turn it out, a little something like this;

(Repeat 2X)
All my single ladies, go head grab you a thug, show that nigga some love
All my sexy ladies, if you horny right now, go head break that shit down


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