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Interprete : CIARA , LUDACRIS

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2005

Texte :

this is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on tha Caddillac
White tees, Nikes, gangstas dont know how to act
adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Larver Homes
Hummers floatin' on chrome
Chokin on tha home-grown
they got them fellas lookin
thinkin i was easy i can see it
that's whan i say no, what's fo'?
shawty can't handle this
Ciara got that fire like

Oh, 'round here we ridin slow
we keep it gutta, you should know
gettin crunk off in that club we gets low, oh
Oh (oh) all my ladies back it up
Gettin crunk up in tha club we gets low, oh

Buddy take a new hip, paint strip, boulin ball
still smoke unemsmote, wood-grain on tha wall
light-skinned thick chicks, fellas call'em redbones
close cuts, braids, long, gangstas love'em all
they got tha southern cookin
they got them fellas lookin
wishin i was easy i can see it
that's when i say non, what's fo'?
shawty can't handle this
Ciara got tha fire like


Southern-style, get wild, old skools comin down in a different color whip...
Picture perfect, you might wanna take a flick ...
call up Jazze tell him pop up the bottles cuz we got another hit...
Wanna go platinum? Im who you should get...
Ludacris on tha track, get back trick, switch on tha 'Lac, Im flexin still
same price every time, hot song, jumped on cuz Ciara got sex appeal
And i keep the meanest, cleanest, baddest, spinnin on stainless wheels
Could care less about your genus, i bump ya status, i keep the stainless wheels
trunk-rattlin, chat's happenin, huh?
I dont even think i need to speed
bass-travelin, face crackilin huh?
Turn it up and make the speackers bleed
dirty south we ballin dawg
and neva think about fallin dawg
ghetto harmonizing, surprising, runnin back cuz tha song is cold

Poster par : Chaïli

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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