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Next To You

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Interprete : CIARA , R.KELLY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Varieté
Année : 2004

Texte :

I hope I don't make you mad, with what I'm 'bout to say boy
Here we are once again, and I'm havin' second thoughts boy
I'm not messin' with your head, but I changed my mind boy
I don't know why I'm here, the same time I want you near

If you want me to leave, I will understand
See, I will just have to respect your wishes boy
Cause if I stay, ain't no tellin' what may happen boy
Although you look so good to me, it's best that I leave

I'm scared of being next to you because of what I think I might do
Boy you turn me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow, but this is not my M-O
Hold up, wait a minute, we're moving too fast
I want somethin' like this, here to last

[R. Kelly]
Don't say no baby, not right now baby
I want you to be my lady
You got me going crazy

Well I guess I'll stay for a minute, then I have to go boy
This moment is so temptin'
Right now it's not what I want boy
Maybe if we just embrace with a simple kiss boy
But that'll only make things worse
Hope I'm not gettin' on your nerves boy

I just want it to be right for the both of us
When you don't have to say a thing to make me comfortable
Boy, you make me so weak the way you look at me
Right now I'm a little confused
I think it's best that I refuse

{au Refrain}

We 'pose to be playin' cards or watching a movie
But we keep lockin' eyes boy
Now why you tryin' to tease me
This room is gettin' heated, won't you open up a window
I think that I should go now
Cause I can't take this no more

{au Refrain, x3}

Poster par : mimi

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