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Fame Is

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Interprete : CROWDED HOUSE

Langue : Anglais

Texte :

Fork lightning in your hall
Break the skin when you break the fall
I'll be the one to fix it up
Love children of the new age
Just a hippy with a weekly wage
There's no rebellion just a chance to be lazy

When fame is in your blood
You follow the science of love
Wave the magic wand
And hang on

The rest of us are living in a daze
Keep thinkin' 'bout the choice to be made
Here come the handmaidens of end time
Lost treasure from a primitive race
All the lives written on your face
Can't fill the canyons of your mind

Now you've changed and jumbled the pieces
You've changed but you were better off before
You talked to a roomful of strangers
Here come the handmaidens of end time

And all of your spells will break
And all of your stars will fall
So look out for number one
Fame is in your blood

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