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Interprete : DESTINY'S CHILD

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :


[Michelle] :
If I Don't Pick Up The Phone Like I Use To (For You)
Don't You take It Personal

[Kelly] :
If I Don't Do I All The Things That I Use To (To You)
I Ain't Mad At You

[Beyonce] :
If You Get To Feeling Stressed Up In Your Chest Thinking
That You About To Lose (Baby It's True)
And If You're Losing Out On Sleep

[Michelle] :
Home Worrying About Me Ohhhhhh

[Kelly] :
This How It Be

[Refrain] :
If You Don't Know
Now you Know You Going To Miss
My Love
And I Ain't Stressing Bout A Dawg On Thang
Cause I was True When I Gave You
My Love (My Love Yeahhh)

If You Search You Will Never Find Another Love Like My Love
You going To Miss Me I Ain't Got Time While You Sit Around
And Play With my Love (My Love)

[Michelle] :
If You Think I Caught A Feeling When I Heard About That Other Chick
(Noooooo) I Already New
About It

[Kelly] :
I Just Needed Time Just To Clear My Mind And Ask Myself (Why Didn't I Handle It)

[Beyonce] :
And If You Would've Taken care Of Home,'Stead Of Leaving Me Alone Cause I Would Be Right There
With You Taken Care Of You Steady loving You Like I Used To Do


There Was Once A Time I Blamed Myself

[Michelle] :
But I Can See So clearly Now Cause You Are Gone
That's How I Spend All My Time When You Weren't Home Playing Around With Them Raggedy Hafers
No More stressing, No more crying, No More Trying
I Would Rather be Alone
I'd Rather Be All By Myself
Because This Valuable Heart Of Mine Was Yours Until I Realize Finally Opened My Eyes

[Kelly] :
You See Ladies, I Know, I Knew Better What Was I Thinking. He Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone


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