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Is She The Reason ?

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Interprete : DESTINY'S CHILD

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

[Beyonce] :
I Thought That This Was Something (Yes)
Promising That One Day
It Would Turn Into Something (Yes)
I Thought The Feelings Were Mutual
And I Didn't Have To Guess
Started Being Skeptical
Always Unavailable
Like You Didn't Know
But Now I'm Feeling Something (Yes)
It's Telling Me This May Not Be The Real Something (Yes)
But You Was Showing Me
Now I'm Ready And You Running
Damn You Got Me Open Now
Feeling Like I'm Choking Now
Where Am I To Go ?

[Refrain 1] :
[Kelly] :
I Can't
Believe The Way That You Can Feel My Heart
And I Can't
Believe The Way You Make Me Fall So Hard
Stop Playing
How Could You Let It Go This Far ?
If You Had Doubts That I Wasn't The One
And You Said
That You're The Type To Take It Slow
And You Said
Before I Step I'll Let You Know
Stop Playing
Before You Let Me See You With Her
You Could Have Told Me A Change Was Going To Come

[Refrain 2] :
Is She The Reason You Don't Call Like You Use To ?
Fall Through My Hood Like You Use To
Or Put It On Me Hard Like You Use To Do
I Feel In My Mind What's Going On
But My Heart Won't Let Me Go Until I Know
Is She The Reason That My Calls Didn't Reach You ?
The Deepest Of My Love Couldn't Please You
Or Bring It To Me Home Like You Use To Do
Seeing Her Falling For Your Charm
Got Me Feeling Like I Wasn't Good Enough

[Beyonce] :
See I Know We Not Official (No)
But Us Being Official Ain't Never Been An Issue (No)
It Came Down To Us
Boy Remember We Were Different
We Said That We'd Talk
If We Ever Had Problems About Anything
I Was Cool With No Commitment (Wait)
Let Me Take That Back
It Was You, So I Was With It (See)
Guess I Didn't Get
When You Showed You Didn't Miss It
Not It Seems That Your Interest Ain't Here
And We Ain't The Same

[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]

[Michelle] :
All You Had To Say Was This Ain't What You Want
I Wouldn't Be So Hurt And I Could Just Move On
You Had Me Believing, Everything Was My Fault
But I Can See Now
It's A Situation That I Must Let Go
Cause You Ain't Going To Me A Man And Let Me Know
I Guess Me Seeing You With Her
Says It All

[Refrain 2]

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