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Interprete : DESTRA GARCIA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Soca
Année : 2006

Texte :

[verse 1:]
Is all about unity, togetherness
Carnival time we love de jamming
All ah we collectively
In de bacchanal time to start de fete'n

One thing about my country
Everywhere we go we love to party
Where’s my posse get ready
Show me yuh rag
Don’t fail me now

So wave yuh rag high
Up in de sky
Take yuh rag and fly fly fly
We up in de air
Is rag everywhere
We ready for the festival again

[verse 2:]
Appreciate don’t segregate
Everybody gotta love somebody
You and me in harmony
Try and try we bong to make it


What we need is so much more… love
It’s the only way to rise… above
And I know..


[verse 3:]
Deliver us from ignorance
Black and white we jump together
Stop de war stop de hate
Show dem dat we love each other…

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