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Beautiful Day

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Interprete : DIE TOTEN HOSEN

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

It's a morning full of innocence
as the day defeats the night
and the sun shines down like a gift from God
and the world is new and bright.
The moment seems so holy
as I see you walk my way.
But a prayer requires a sacrifice
and someone has to pay
for this beautiful day -
such a beautiful day.

When I close my hands around your neck
don't be upset with me.
'Cause all of us are just passing through,
we stay awhile and then we leave.
And if the Lord should call you early,
does it matter anyway?
Could there be a better time to go?
Could there be a better way
than on this beautiful day?
Such a beautiful day -
this beautiful day.
What a beautiful day.
This beautiful day -
your final day.

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