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L.A.W. ( Lyrical Assault Weapon )

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Interprete : DR DRE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

It's like, it's like this
Word up, knowhutI'msayin? One time for your mind, y'knowI'msayin?
Yo, from upstate to Brooklyn, the whole borough's thorough
You know the time, y'knowI'msayin?
Crown Heights, to all my niggas holdin it down
It's hardcore, B-boy rhymes just for you, y'knowI'msayin?
(L-A-W, this might trouble you) This is Sharief, y'knowI'msayin?
Puttin it down for the Aftermath like this

As I inhale the blunt and take a sip off the yac
My rhymes come to life, my verbal forces attack
Can't hold me back, I'm too strong, I waited too long
Freestyle a whole rap tape then write a new song
Been in the game since...what? That shit is past tense
Pass the microphone and watch this nigga crack the C
With that ill shit, I came to kill shit
I crack the code, must be the reason they reveal shit
But in this era of mayhem
I recyc' the murderous rhymes to slay them
To all my opponents who wanna kick it, I spark
The verbal scientist in your title, I'm walkin wit it
A hundred dime pieces and the party got the heaters
I shine my verbal styles and got niggas climbin on speakers, the thrill seekers
An earthquake of bass lines swangin the party, I'm slangin the mic
Like a syllable shotty, sippin 40's


Bona fide B-boy, biceps' bionic
Blast em back, okay let's get it started
Original rap styles comin from my shooter
Fifty niggas deep, I'm the ill kid recruiter
People gather round, check my flow
Listen too, look take a peek, time for thought then you know (What they know?)
I build with skill, fulfill the drill and still then kill
You couldn't stop the pain with Benadryl
Too many claim unnamed for fame
Or be soft as baby tissue with no gun to aim
I take a raptor's rough cuz I'lla date the semen
Spectators be sayin they can't go where he went
That's another level of attack (haa), bring your bats
My DJ scratch the record like a scrotum sack
I slice the rapper like a surgeon
If he wanna battle, I play him out like a priest in a turban
Too much tenacity, vocal capacity
Ya better take some notes, don't try to get on after me
Cuz I'm the chemical enemical
Rhymes I say are definitely guaranteed to reach the pinnacle


Feelin the metronome click, my microphone's on
It's time to kiss Sharief to perform
Ya lukewarm, my degrees be uncharted in the centre of fight square
I rum brass knuckle rhymes fuckin with crimes
I'm natural as loaded dice, understand
Where no man survives, L.A.W. can
Transform, I see it ain't even worth ya triggers
I'm from the days when B-boys were straight earthin niggas
Standin my arms crossed, toss a grenade
Rein-force my zone as a lyrical barricade
You better cuz your dome piece blown
Release chrome beats, nuclear missiles rhymes under my comb
Three strikes marks the villian bustin rhymes
Like shots in Sarajevo Saturday night blood be spillin
Some I slaughter such as *?two compel?* blows
Crush your corny kids caught stumblin on my shells, so
Sick, too quick, I stab you with some shit
Doin infinite assault these hard lyrics I commit
When I crush your lungs, I keep my pace uptempo
Swingin my prison rhymes, fuckin mics like a nympho

[Refrain] x2

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